The human hand is Nature’s most versatile and dexterous end-effector and it has been a source of inspiration for roboticists for over 50 years. Recently, significant industrial and research effort has been put into the development of dexterous robot hands and grippers. Such end-effectors offer robust grasping and dexterous, in-hand manipulation capabilities that increase the efficiency, precision, and adaptability of the overall robotic platform. This work focuses on the development of modular, sensorized objects that can facilitate benchmarking of the dexterity and performance of hands and grippers. The proposed objects aim to offer; a minimal, sufficiently diverse solution, efficient pose tracking, and accessibility. The object manufacturing instructions, 3D models, and assembly information are made publicly available through the creation of a corresponding repository.

More information can be found in the following publication:

Geng Gao, Gal Gorjup, Ruobing Yu, Patrick Jarvis, and Minas Liarokapis, “Modular, Accessible, Sensorized Objects for Evaluating the Grasping and Manipulation Capabilities of Grippers and Hands,” IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 2020. [PDF | BIB]