My research interests are as follows:

A New Family of Adaptive Hands

We work on the development of a new family of adaptive, intrinsically-compliant, under-actuated robot hands.

Robust Grasping

We develop methodologies for executing robust grasping in presence of object pose uncertainties or other environmental uncertainties and disturbances (including aerial grasping).

Dexterous, In-Hand Manipulation

We work on the development of hybrid schemes that combine analytical, numerical and learning methods for simplifying dexterous manipulation with simple, adaptive robot hands.

Single-Grasp, Model-Free Object Identification

We develop haptic object identification methodologies of minimal complexity (e.g., single-grasp, model-free).

Modelling the Post-Contact Behaviour of Adaptive Hands

We work on the analysis and modelling of the post-contact behaviour of adaptive robot hands.

Soft, Adaptive Exogloves

We work on the analysis, modelling and development of soft, adaptive exogloves for rehabilitation and human augmentation.

Learning Schemes for EMG/EEG Based Interfaces

We formulate advanced learning schemes for intuitive and simplified EMG/EEG based control of robotic and prosthetic devices.

Teleoperation and Telemanipulation

We formulate advanced teleoperation and telemanipulation schemes for robot arm hand systems.

Evaluating the Dexterity of Human and Robot Hands

We are interested in evaluating the dexterity of human and robot hands, deriving appropriate metrics for design optimization.

Reconfigurable Drones for Package Delivery

We are developing a new class of reconfigurable drones for package delivery.